Business psychology services

Business psychology services

Today (1st April 2020) Mindset are launching a Self-Care campaign specifically for our frontline NHS staff. All of whom are working tirelessly at the expense of their own safety and wellbeing in order to care for those who have been affected by the coronavirus. After many teary conversations with my loved ones who are frontline NHS staff, and seeing the video messages from other healthcare staff from across the country, I feel it is our duty to do something to support our NHS staff and give something back.

Self-care is vital to maintain not just their mental wellbeing but also their physical wellbeing. If we do not get enough sleep, our immune system is inhibited. If we do not get the nutrition we need, we are more likely to become depressed. If we become chronically stressed, we are more likely to get type 2 diabetes, heart disease or suffer a stroke. And of course, if we are tired, sick, depressed or stressed then it affects our productivity at work.

My idea is to create a self-care box (similar to that of a birchbox, or glossybox) that is specifically designed to include goodies and treats together with information on how to look after your wellbeing. It will include a leaflet documenting the important facts I have listed above in a fun and engaging way to empower them to look after themselves, and no doubt the gifts included will lift the spirits and morale of these incredible people.

I am hoping that your company will be able to provide whatever you can to contribute to this project, no matter how small. If you are able to help and would like to be involved, please do not hesitate to get in contact with my information below.

Kind regards and thanks in advance!


[email protected]


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