Business psychology services

Business psychology services

Wouldn’t the world be a dull place if everyone shared the same personality, skills and ambitions? Without different ways of thinking and doing, we would quickly reach the limit of what could be achieved. Fortunately, we are all unique, so there is plenty of variety in the world.


When was the last time you stopped to consider what makes you unique? I think it is beneficial to understand your character and strengths, along with noting the things that you find difficult. Then, you can start to truly value what stands you apart.

What Shapes Our Character?

Factors that make you unique are multiple. Let’s start with nature and nurture. That is the DNA we inherit from our parents before we are even born. Then, the cultural beliefs, values and life experiences that we grow up with. However, siblings born to the same parents and raised in the same household are often very different in personality. So, there has to be more to it than this.

The fact is that our unique characteristics are continuously altered by what we do and the opportunities we access You might excel in a particular skill or role, but never know unless you get to try new things. As such, we rely on inclusive attitudes to give us a fair chance at discovering our potential.

In addition, our actions and behaviours can be driven by personal ambitions or external influences. As such, the words or actions of another can fuel our motivation or present a barrier that becomes difficult to overcome. As an example, I think we all remember a teacher who inspired our interest in a subject, as well as one who switched us off from learning.

Our character can also be hidden. That’s because, in certain situations, we do what we need to get by. As such, we might mimic the actions or behaviours of others in a bid to fit in with what seems to be the ‘normal’ way of doing things. As such, our genuine response to situations is masked.

Why it’s Important to Understand What Makes Us Unique

The better we understand ourselves, the easier it is to value the skills, strengths and individuality that make us who we are. Gaining self-awareness can direct us to situations, career paths, friendships or support that allow us to thrive.

Sometimes, it may seem that things you find intuitive are a struggle for others, yet they shine in tasks or situations that you find difficult. The fact is that no one is good at everything, yet everyone is good at something.

Equally, you might feel that you don’t fit in or can’t explain why you react or respond to something in a certain way. In gaining a deeper understanding, those things can start to make sense.

How Can We Better Understand Our Personality?

Assessments provide a means for you to discover the full picture. Through a series of tasks, your innate personality is revealed. You then receive feedback, which explains and discusses the findings. From this, it is possible to compile the ‘puzzle pieces’ that come together to make you who you are.

If everyone in a team undertakes a personality assessment, it can also inform who has the necessary skills and strengths for specific tasks. This aids resource management. In addition, a deeper understanding of what motivates or demotivates individuals is a useful tool for leaders.

To give a few examples, some people thrive in collaborative situations, whilst others are more productive when they are left to action a task on their own. And, while one individual loves time to plan and schedule work others are motivated into action by a tight deadline.

Are Personality Assessments Tests?

A personality assessment is not a test. For a start, there are no right or wrong answers. And, you can’t revise in advance, as it relies on instinctive and honest responses. Equally, the follow-up discussion with the assessor isn’t about judgment or scoring. Instead, it focuses on building your understanding of the outcome and how this might relate to everyday life.

What Types of Personality Assessments Are There?

There are many different options including free and fun quizzes that you might find online. However, as a professional psychologist, I offer two main options:

NEO-PI-3 Personality Assessment – considered the most comprehensive and considered method of personality assessment. This is widely used in career planning, recruitment and team management.

Neurodivergent Screening – this assessment explores the different ways our minds work. It can identify whether your personality is shaped by a neurodivergence including autism or ADHD. This includes tailored recommendations for reasonable adjustments* that can be made in the workplace or educational settings to optimise your potential.

In both options, be assured that I am here to support your individuality. This is about understanding and celebrating who you are.  As the saying goes, ‘no one else can be you better than you’ and it is each of our uniqueness that makes our world a more fascinating place.

To find out more about personality assessments, please get in touch for an initial discussion.


* https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5a7b346d40f0b66a2fc05dc5/Equality_Act_2010_-_Duty_on_employers_to_make_reasonable_adjustments_for….pdf

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